Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Porn Sar with Character

Antonio Biaggi wrote on his blog some time ago: “Well dude I started in the porn at 29 before porn I was a manager of a Tour company that work for carnaval Cruise ships and Royal and Princes for 8 years and I also had other 2 jobs , Im not a Idiot , I open a store in SF that I close 3 years ago and here I have a baking Business . Trust me I will always do some thing for living. 
Porn its not most peoples job its a part time job . people think that porn actors spend all day jerking off in front of a camera its really stupid . and its like a dancer or a model 2 or 3 years and thats it your done . theres always a new face thats has a Bigger cock and a bigger ass and fucks better and thats how this industry is and trust me Ill be more then fine lol .”  
 I always love to hear porn stars expess their point of view.  Along with the whole topic of homosexuality, they are, in my opinion, greatly misunderstood by society.
Antonio Biaggi's blog: http://antoniobiaggixxx.blogspot.ca/

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Orgasmic Dynamic

A tiny little question forms in my mind as I am enjoying the bliss of masturbatory activity.  “Why can’t I glorify God with and for the pleasure I experience in those ecstatic moments.?”  We have received a tradition that says that we can only glorify God in matters sexual by abstinence – not simply moderation, either.

I feel convinced that the orgasmic ecstasy I feel in sexual arousal is just as valid a spiritual approach as is that of abnegatory ascetic control in the same area.  Indeed, experiencing to great depths the orgasmic dynamic of my man-orientated sexuality has its own asceticism.  The discipline of keeping the dynamism high without dispersing the energies too early in ejaculation, and the discipline of staying with the afterglow in prayerful veneration of blessings received.

The old ascetisim of total sexual abstinence was, undoubtedly, based on the principle that sex was bad for you spiritually.  But, as we look around in other spiritual traditions, and experiment with them, we discover that sex is very good for us spiritually.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter

The Easter Angel was provided to me direct by a friend.  A new correspondent wrote: As far as sex, as you will see in upcoming posts, I find it totally spiritual. And from quite a few of the things I’ve read, Jesus himself probably did too. We’ll explore this further, I’m sure.”  I have received other reflections from him on the mystery of our man to man attractions.  In the meantime, just to mark Easter, I share with you a kind of poetic expression of his on our enhanced masculinity dynamic.


the desire never goes away.

the attraction happens...

then the lust...

almost obsessive.

naked, drink in the sight of him

shudder with want to disappear into him

the faint smell of him hits you like a storm!

move closer, scent increases, now strong,

sends blood rushing to your cock

aroused so fully, to such hardness that it seeks...

like an alien creature, it slickens, it wants,

it searches...



loose yourself on the landscape of his body.

smell and taste his manly, hairy pits...

tongue lingers on each nipple...

tour his stomach...

stall over his pubes and breath deeply

lick and caress each ball in his sack...

take his cock down into your mouth,

your throat.


for every male we experience,

another waits,

hoping one day it will happen to him.

Friday, April 18, 2014


When you want to take up a spiritual life you have two equally valid choices about how to integrate your sexuality.  You can choose to sublimate it and aim for total abstinence.  Or you can choose to recognize its sublimaty and cultivate it in a balanced way in the presence of God.  We were taught that any sexual feeling is out, so those who embraced the ascetic life tried never to feel any sexual arousal.   

But there is a way of accepting everything that arouses us and giving God glory for the gift of it, or just admiring the wonder of our creation as manifested in our masculine being.  The total abstinence theory is based on the idea that pleasure is bad.  The sex-positive approach sees erotic pleasure as a communication with the divine about the wonder of our being.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Where This Blog is Illegal

This is extracts from an article that appeared recently in “The Economist”, from their correspondent in Biskek. (April 5-11, 2014)
CENTRAL ASIA's republics are no bastions of tolerance. But now even the most liberal of the region's countries is moving to restrict gay life. Rulers in these ex-Soviet states seem to be inspired by Russia's growing anti-Westernism.  Kyrgyzstan is considered the region's most open and democratic country, despite grinding poverty and recent experience of revolutions and pogroms. Yet a bill introduced into the legislature in March  proposes jailing anyone who spreads information about gay rights. The bill is a stricter version of Russia's recent ban on gay "propaganda". It must now pass several readings before going to the pro-Russian president. There have been calls for similar legislation in next-door Kazakhstan, where a deputy from the ruling Nur Otan party said last year that gays should be considered "criminals against humanity". Civil-society activists in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan's capital, fear that Russia, still the dominant economic force in the region, is pushing an anti-liberal ideology on its neighbours. But Russia may have simply provided a legislative model to reinforce existing conservative attitudes. 

Either way, with Russian media dominating Central Asians' television screens, gay, bisexual and transgender rights have become synonymous with a degenerate West. …Homophobia runs deep across Muslim Central Asia. In Turkmenistan gay sex earns up to five years in a labour camp (going up to 20 years for repeat offenders). In Uzbekistan the sentence is three years in jails rife with tuberculosis. In all five Central Asian republics, anti-gay attacks go unpunished. Challenges to homophobia are seen as Western meddling.

 In January Human Rights Watch, an NGO, detailed how Kyrgyzstani police use violence and blackmail to extort money from gay men. In response, the country's chief Muslim cleric issued a fatwa condemning same-sex relations as well as groups, such as NGOS, that "disseminate social discord".