Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Art & Porn

The guy from the Artistry of Male Soul Food left the following commentary on The Big Whack blog.  He is expressing his relief at Bloggers volte-face.  
“I agree with Westernstock. Perfect! WOW, Bro. I am still in shock SHOCKED I TELL YOU! : ) I cannot believe this. It sort of helps restore my faith in humanity. I guess we need to coin a new aphorism - Don't get between a person and their porn. And another would be, One person's porn is another person's art! : )
I don't see what we post as being porn - we post about an aspect of life, of being a human being - sex is human - it is part of who we are, and for some to try to block away, run and hide just shows how perverted and misguided they've become. It is a happy day. I feel so much relief. I really do feel like I can go back home. Whew!
Just stunning. I am going to relax and have some fun this weekend after the week THIS has been. I hope you do the same, brother. Have a Bonerific Jizztastic Weekend! Hugs and Strokes. AOM” 

This made me think about the relationship between porn and art.  I certainly agree that porn is a type of art.  Someimes I am just overwhelmed by the beauty of explicit sex scenes.  Indeed, I find the beauty of mansex unfathomable.  But there is a difference, in that porn has as part of its objective to get us off.  Now I believe that men getting off is a very good thing, and as AOM says, sex is part of life, so getting off is part of life.  But there is that wonderful element in porn that stirs our male orgasmic drive and that’s what we look to it for.  

The people that have a problem with porn are those who have a problem with the idea that guys should get off just for the enjoyment of it.  This is because of their religious upbringing or the left overs of Christan formation in societal thinking, that sex is only to be used for procreation.  An impossible way to live.  Sex-positivism is really the only way forward.  A great healing for mankind in the spirit of Jesus.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cosmic Communion

Artistry of Male Soul Food just did a beautiful series of pics of guys masturbating.  He entitled it “Self-loving is Sacred Time.”  That I think is very positive and profound.  It leaves one wondering once again, why was masturbation ever considered wrong?   

For me the sacredness of shafting myself goes way beyond the mystique of self-pleasuring.  In the surges of orgasmic pleasure and energy I feel my communion with the cosmic male urge that is driving every man’s loins to the same transcendent bliss. 

 For this reason, longer and deeper communion with the cosmic forces and energies, I work at developing the devotion of tantric control.  I support the orgasmic drive in my loins with attention to the other erotic zones of my body.  This way I am on the path to full body orgasm.  I also try to bring to the whole exercise of solo erotic stimulation a more focussed consciousness that makes of this communion with forces that transcend my simple self, a true meditation.   
Then I am open to prayerful communion with God who created all this and through his Word and his Spirit keeps its dyamic flowing within my loins and rippling through the cosmic male body.


In line with Blogger's reversal of policy, I am going to revert to posting my reflections on this blog, decking them, as before with the type of sexually explicit images that fire the cosmic male orgasmic urge between my loins, in the hope that you will all find communion therein.  This is because the new porn-free variant complicates my life too much and is not attracting the readership it might.  I am not going to take it down, but keep it as a project that I will work on from time to time, transferring reflections already blogged to this blog, to create a porn-free duplicate.  Later today, hopefully, then, a more usual post to this blog.  Then, I hope to get back to my recent rythm of posting every few days.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Christian Who Loves his Masculinity

I have unashamedly stolen this picture from the Big Whack blong in order to comment on it.  It looks to me like a guy who is happy to own his sexuality and by the cross on his arm proud to be a Christian.  That to me is wonderful to see.  Plus the guy is handsome and a hot sexual draw!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Then there were two

"Bugger Blogger" to paraphrase King Edward VII on his death-bed ("Bugger Bognor").  Blogger/Google appears to have done a volte-face.  For sure, the notification about no more explicit sexual images from March 23 has disappeared.  They did not have the courtesy to send me an email reversing what they said in the one I got last week.  As I read commentaries in the media on their change and unchange I see that they have, effectively, acknowledged our right to express ourselves, find our personal identity by sharing the sexual images that turn us on.  This, effectively, is the value of pornography in my personal experience.  Posting hot pics affirms, first of all to myself, that I am homosexual.  This affirmation is terribly important because, at bottom, society and the Church still say that homosexuals should not exist.
 on Wednesday 4th March, as I previously posted.

I plan to keep both the old and the new blog goinghowever.   Somebody suggested some years ago that there was place for a blog with my ideas without the porn. So I will develop the new blog as this. The old one will still be there and public for guys to browse over and I will add the occasional hot pic with a comment on why that particular pic speaks to me.
There are still a few little hiccoughs with the new blog, however, in that I do not seem to be able to get the followers button to work right, and I am mysteriously getting a white background to my posts, which I do not find aesthetic.  I am also getting a notification by email of a new comment, which I do not really want.  And, I cannot find anything to change in the "settings" to ajust these things.  Interestingly, since the new blog appeared the number of visitors to the old blog has soared!

Friday, February 27, 2015


As explained in the previous post, below, I have started a new edition of this blog, repeating the old message, repeating a lot of the posts to this blog, but without the porn decoration, to fit in with Blogger's revised policy on sexually- explicit graphics.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In One Week – Last Day for this Blog.

February 23 Blogger revealed it’s change of policy.  It will no longer allow blogs with explicit adult photo content.  A transitional option will be to turn one’s pornographic blog private.  However, I started my blog in order to get out a liberating word to the public that comes down to saying there is a way, the sex-positive way, to live your homosexuality and still experience yourselves as faithful to Jesus’ teaching.  This is a message not just for private folk I might admit to my circle, but to all enhanced masculinity in the gay-oppressive world the Church has created for us.  So it will serve no useful purpose to turn my blog private.  I have looked at the possibility of removing the offending images, but it seems rather complicated and time-consuming.  I have all the posts to my blog saved on my computer, and the pictures as well.  I would be happy if somebody in the context of sex-positivism or gay porn were to invite me to contribute my reflections as part of their blog or online magazine, as a regular columnist.  Meantime, I am starting another blog with just my reflections and no pictures that would offend blogger’s sensitivities.  It’s title is “Enhanced Masculinity – Christian Man to Man – Mark II”  On the whole, I will expect to be publishing to it posts that I already made on this first blog.  This will not require too much effort on the part of the old man that I have now become.  I shall begin posting to it today.  The first few posts will be repeats of recent posts I did on this blog, because they represent where my thinking on Enhanced Masculinity has got to by now.  I shall start posting to my new blog today.  This current one will be privatized, as a first step to being closed, next Wednesday, March 4th.  This will be the last post to this blog.  I will try and decorate the new blog with sexy pics of guys with their clothes on!  The URL to the new blog is: