Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Correspondent & Pornography

Same correspondent -  part of a discussion we had between us about pornography. 

He wrote: Like you, I find it difficult to equate all the evils that people claim are directly related to pornography. I guess people look for things to blame when things go wrong and pornography becomes a ready source. These people having been taught that pornography is wrong and evil it is easy for them to say it causes divorce, rape, child molestation, etc. I was also taught pornography like masturbation, was wrong and evil I never view it as such. I found pornography erotic, sexually exciting, an enhancement to masturbation but it never made me think about rape, child molestation, destruction of the family. I agree with you, that fact it is forbidden is the cause not pornography itself.”

I guess that, if you think sex-positively, as I do, then pornography just fits in.  Negative attitudes towards pornography are just an extension of negative attitudes to sex.  If sex is recognized for the healthy human recreation that it is, then pornography is just part of the way of recreation and of celebrating the beauty and vigour of sex.   
Of course, many of the objections you hear about pornography speak of the degradation of women.  But, if your sexual orientation is enhanced masculinity then man on man pornography is just a wonderful celebration of masculinity and those who are enraptured by it.

Monday, August 18, 2014

One Correspondent on Another Correspondent!

As always I enjoy reading each and every one of your postings.
In the posting of July 14th your correspondent made a very valid point, It is natural for a man to want to be sucked. I have enjoyed having many women suck my cock. I have yet to have a man suck mine nor have I sucked off a man. While on vacation my fried and I came close to making it happen. I thought I’d worked it out to have us meet but alas it didn’t work. Your correspondent talked about tasting the cock you are sucking. When him and I first talked about me sucking his cock I told him I’d wear a condom incase he shot his load. I mentioned this to a guy I corresponded with in UK and he discouraged me from using a condom, he said you want to taste his cock. I think my friend and I are close to making it happen, he is willing to meet me near where I live.  I think that is good advice about not wearing a condom for sucking.  It serves no useful purpose and plastic against your tongue is not the same thing as your tongue feeling the outline and the contours of your buddy’s cock.  I am sure that for the sense of bonding we are seeking your really need to have your mouth in direct contact with your boddy’s cock as you enjoy the caresses of intimacy he might give to your head and you enjoy caressing and feeling the power of his legs.

A question your correspondent asks, “Eat your own cum?” When I was young and limber and could get the head of my dick in my mouth I’d cum with pleasure and enjoy my cum. Even later when I could still get my cock over my mouth I’d love cumming and shooting into my mouth. I’ve even cum in a condom and sucked my cum out. Unfortunately that method usually find me less enthusiastic when it comes to doing it than when I was thinking about it.  I think that only goes to prove my point that condoms and mouths do not really go together.  To me it is the easiest thing in the world and very satisfying just to shoot my load into the palm of my other hand and eat it from there. 

Your posting of August 2nd was right on. As I wrote to you long ago, I collect pornography, I use pornography, I love pornography. Pornography is both beautiful and sexually exciting. Pornography enhances my masturbation. In reading all your posting I missed while I was away the pornographic photo you posted with them added to the enjoyment of masturbating while I read. I began masturbating before I began collecting pornography.
At the risk of repeating myself, your blog has been a great encouragement to me to continue enjoying masturbation and the enjoyment of pornography and to continue my desire to suck my friend’s cock without concern that what I am doing is wrong but is normal and natural. I think this is probably what I consider it my mission to help men achieve.

I don’t know what you can do with any of this as far as a posting goes (see above) but I wanted to comment on the postings that hit home, cock sucking, eating cum and drinking piss.  Every variety of man to man erotic play interests me, even if I would not happily engage in absolutely everything that might come to mind.  It is refresing and invigorating just to know what males enjoy doing with each other.

Friday, August 15, 2014


I saw this inspirational statement the other day on the Queer Heaven blog: "Remember...we are gay men..we are not here to Fuck and make babies... We are here to make each other happy and to share our deep man feelings with each other. Not to mention sharing our cum!"

We have to explore the wonders of mansex.  The more you discover and the deeper you get into it, the more it reveals its wonders.

Another fellow blogger wrote to me: I really do like your blog - I find that I like the blogs that have something to say along with the pictures ... and to read other men's blogs and realize there are many of us who feel the same way becomes really empowering." It really is a wonderful thing to be able to help each other to a fuller understanding of our homosexual mystery, because understanding leads to acceptance and we all need to accept, welcome our mansex inclinations, more and more.

From that point of view I found today's statement by Queer Heaven even more inspirational: "I know I am Gay and we Gay men think about Dicks often."  There is a statement of self-acceptance.  The problem with being gay is largely in what we have been taught we ought not be be doing.  One of them is attention to what is between a man's legs.  I know that as I was growing up any manly guy's crotch was immediately the focus of my attention, but always with furtive glances, because of this feeling that I did not ought to be interested in such things.  Of course, there is still the problem that you cannot just stare at a guy's crotch however he puts it on display unless you really know that he has a positive attitude to these things.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Way back we were educated to think that sex was the great demon within, that had to be controlled before it took over your whole being and demolished your higher, more sublime elements as a human person.   

But, more recently, people have come to re-discover sex.  Indeed, we are discovering sex as part of the sublimity of the human person and not its enemy.  

When we thought of sex as the enemy the discipline we had drummed into us was that at the first sign of interest or arousal we should change the subject, shift our attention.  This was thought to be control.  In fact, if you anlyse it, it was not so much control as a fear-based reaction that was closer to repression.   

Today I have come to regard control as going with my sexual urges and taking care to enjoy them to the full, developing my awareness of the reactions in every part of my body to the sexual stimulation I am experiencing in my genitals.  If I allow myself to consciously, really consciously stimulate my cock, or let another guy do it for me, or simply give myself up the act of fucking, and feel, consciously feel in every fibre of my being the dynamic of my manhood, that is true control, even the truest form of chastity.

Friday, August 8, 2014


It takes a long time to unlearn what we have learned.  I have just got in touch with a guy who wrote: 

filthy jeans are a real massive turn on for me - it is the masculinity aspect. i love riding my bike in really flithy oily cum stained jeans and wearing them for sex!! I smoke a pipe - part of the masculinity bit for me as well.  the feeling of being in well used work gear - tight jeans or overalls always makes me feel so good and horny . i've ridden a bike all my life and part of that is wearing disgusting filthy jeans - done so since I was 16. For the bike I followed my Dad - he was an old-school biker who never washed his jeans and took for granted the muck or filth that got on them.”   

This brings to mind my own development.  I was fascinated, from earliest human consciousness, by guys in filthy work gear, and later got hard on it and could jack off with fantasies of such guys.  My Dad too was a mechanic and never had his overalls washed.  They got so thick with grease and dirt that they nearly stood up on their own.  As a teen I used to put them on and hump off in them.  But all in secret, of course, because though my thrill in these things was totally innocent, somehow or other I imbibed from the atmosphere around that these were things you kept to yourself and that there was a dimension about them that was just not supposed to be.  
A whole society back then that lived the ostrich syndrome on anything to do with sex.  Even if my Dad experienced the same things as I do, or as my buddy here does about his filthy work gear, I know he could never have talked about it.  I like it that this guy has put his finger on the masculinity connection.   

Way before I knew that my urges could be considered homosexual, I had worked it out for myself that what I was feeling interest in was masculinity.  I argued to myself that there could be nothing wrong with that, even though I had the impression at the time that nobody else felt like this.  Now, happily, I know that we are so many.  But, as I began this post, it takes an awful lot of one’s life to learn, and really accept within oneself, that what I thought was wrong in some way is absolutely right and to be owned and enjoyed.

Monday, August 4, 2014

A New Writer

A reader, one from whom I had not heard before, wrote: “Hi there, I read your blog from time to time and it inspired me to finally start writing my own. It's not as polished as yours but I hope you'll like it. Love to hear your thoughts.”  Well here are my thoughts! This man puts his sexual experience into words like most of us never could.  It is wonderful to feel how the author is really committed to mansex.   

He writes very creatively and communicatively about what he experiences in his sexual encounters with other men and in, simply, his penis-focussed being.  The guy himself finds the cold medical terminology of penis and genitalia is a huge turn on.  He also delights in calling sodomy, sodomy, and in sodomizing and being sodomized.  There I home in, but my cock gets hard, rather than my penis becomes erect.   

Here is the link the writer gave me:  
Subsequently I was able to add his blog to my bloglist, where it comes up as "Musings of a homosexual man who writes in a perculiar way."

The pictures on this post are samples of this new blogger’s choices for illustrating his arguments and analyses.