Saturday, November 14, 2015

Erotic Universal Communion between Men

An extract from my journal: 

The discovery of, a blog that sounds to be dedicated to the full recognition of our homosexuality as a spiritual mode of being and the rediscovery of the Bible of Cock, led me to reflect on the notion of homosexuality, erotic universal communion between men, as a spiritual mode of being in itself.  It has had thousands of years of negative press, but now it is revealed.  This communion, accepted and recognized, is in itself a kind of dedication of one’s sexual being akin to the received spirituality of consecrated chastity.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Enhanced Male Spirituality

Something Br. William of Ashram West wrote about Tantra helped me to see how all the strands of my sexuality come together.  The jeans and the attention to the masculine, the propensity to masturbate, the mansex.  Tantra is about realizing the spiritual through the pleasurable.  I was never made to live the received life of ascetic chastity, but I have discovered an alternative way for myself and those like me of consecrating oneself and one’s sexuality as a spiritual gift to God.

As I lie on my bed and stroke my hard cock through the raw denim of my 501s I have a real sense of fulfilment of the whole course of my sexual development.  I enjoy the peace and satisfaction that the pleasure gives, as tantra recommends, but, more especially, I have a sense of admiring and venerating the masculinity that God has given me.  In this moment I feel that Jesus is very close and that I am fulfilling my call to consecrated celibacy as consecrated sexuality.  Another dimension of this spiritual experience is the sense of oneness it gives me with all my fellow males out there, communion in the cosmic male dynamic.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Porn Blocking Continued

One of the comments on my last post put the episode of care-home operators who blocked pornography into an excellent perspective when he talked about the manifest evil of “mind control”.  A week later I happened to be travelling and found my access to porn blocked in a hotel.  At that point I did a little research on the internet and discovered “Hotspot Shield”, basically a security guard that functions as a virtual personal network (VPN) and therefore provides a tunnel through anybody else’s blocking.  It comes free.  I have to buy the paid version because access to my blog exceeded the bandwith covered by the free version.  The paid version also seems to mean Hotspot Shield will work outside of North America.  It seems odd that one has to go to all these lengths just to avoid being subjected to other people’s moral code that they think they have a right to impose on others.  How far freedom of conscience? I now find a notice on my blogger overview about European law demanding that information be available in certain cases about my use of cookies.  I guess that is going in the same direction.  If I wasn't using my freedom of conscience to deal with pornography in the positive way I think gay porn should enter into enhanced males' lives, would European law enforcement be interested in my cookies.  Of course, it could be about international security.  I really know nothing about it, but I understand it is my responsibility to find out.  But it does make me wonder whether sex-positive bloggers are going to be forced off the net.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Role of Porn

There was an incident with a care home where a priest resident had been observed by the staff to be downloading gay porn.  The sisters who run the place decided to install a porn blocker.  This led me to reflect on the importance of porn to the enhanced male.  The enhanced male’s drive is all about erotic communion with the cosmic dynamic of the male urge.  He cannot be always involved in erotic play with other men.  By mindful masturbation or tantric self-stimulation he can realize some of his potential, but enjoying pornography can also be a very valuable channel for realizing his erotic communion with the male dynamic and, as such, very constructive.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I have been thinking that I could resume posting to the blog in a very moderate and spaced out way.  I still need to manage my time and energies because I still need a lot of rest every day.  But, during my months of illness, I have been keeping up my journal and writing down other bits of reflection that have come to me.   I could begin posting these to the blog as a kind of thought for the day, but not, by any means, on a daily basis.  Also, I will not be posting any pictures, because that takes a lot of time and energy in itself.   So we will see how this goes.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


I have returned to my principal official ministry, but am having to hold back on two other areas that I normally minister in.  I find that my ministry on this blog is also more personal than official and I will have to wait a bit more before getting back to it.  It is a question of time and energy available.  I was thinking the other day on the feast of the Transfiguration about the Glory of God shining through the Body of Christ.  As enhanced males we are called to give glory to God in our bodies, exulting to his praise in our masculinity, alone or in company of other males, principally by masturbation, fucking and sucking.  I post here a picture of a naked Christ that a reader of this blog sent me recently.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I have been smitten with serious illness.  I am having to take time out to recuperate.  It could be a long process.  I certainly will not be posting to this blog for quite a time, maybe never again.  The blog will remain, however, I shall not be taking it down.  Leaving readers to browse and re-read.  A happy continuation of Eastertide to everyone!